2012年10月にリリースされた1st EPから、2013年2月、ユニバーサルミュージックへのメジャー移籍後、
初のパッケージ作品となるメジャーデビューにしてベスト盤「THE BEST OF CTS」まで、これまでリリースしたオリジナル作品が6作連続でiTunesダンスチャート1位を獲得。
2013年「ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL2013」への出演を皮切りに、新木場ageHa、渋谷VISIONをはじめとした都内大型クラブイベントに多数出演。
2014年元旦に幕張メッセにて行われたEDM系史上、国内最大のニュー・イヤーズ・パーティー「electrox 2014」から、
「Girls Award 2014」や「touchMe」等のファッション系イベント、またアフロジャックの来日公演、テイラースイフトのジャパンツアーでのオープニングアクト等、

【CTS – Beautiful Love World】

【CTS – Everything’s All Right】


They wear mask with LED equipment. The unit name is from their mask’s shape: “C”IRCLE, “T”RIANGLE and “S”QUARE. ※Member’s personal profile are UNKNOWN.
The HIT-POINT of CTS’s music is「EDM」×「(Japanese) POPS」.
According to their fantastic talent and unique concept, they created their own style’s sound of dancing music, with Japanese & English lyrics, 「Newest Dancing/POP sound」 style and got very HOT in Japan, if you go to clubs in Japan you could enjoy the “CTS” boom easily.
Including their 1st music work and all of their original music works reached iTunes dance music chart TOP rank. And, they joined to universal music Japan music group then made their major debut, by their first album, 「THE BEST OF CTS」.
In the other hand, they also ranked TOP5 in major music chart in Japan every time, the highest court of general ranking reached 3th place. In addition, they had been invited to hold their performance in 「ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL2013」, after that big success, they changed into a HOT music group in just like ageha at Shinkiba, VISION in Shibuya.
Furthermore, they held their performance at the biggest count-down rock music event called
「LIVE DIGA JUDGEMENT」(2013), and the biggest EDM music party at MAKUHARI MESSE(2014).
EDM, DANCE music, ROCK music, POP music… People expect “CTS”’s NEXT STEP, and for sure they will make more different, give us more surprise in the near future.

■ Official HP : http://cts-official.com/
■ Universal Music Official HP : http://www.universal-music.co.jp/cts
■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CircleTriangleSquare.jp
■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/CTS_staff
■ SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/cts-signal-posse
■ Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/CTSVEVO